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Hand finished picture frames and mirrors

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Our picture and mirror frames are made and hand finished exclusively in our East Sussex workshops.

Picture & Mirror Frame Profiles

Showing our most popular Frame Profiles and a variety of different finishes.  Our Frame Profiles can be used to frame pictures and mirrors.

Frame Embelishments

The use of rosettes or carved decorations can transform a simple frame into something dramatic.

Frame Finishes

An overview of our Frame Finishes, and an insight into the permutations achievable.

Hand Finished Mounts

Washline, gesso, cracked gesso etc.

Metal Frames

Brass, bronze and steel frames made and finished to order.


We have been designing and manufacturing hand finished picture frames and mirrors for over 35 years.  Based in East Sussex, we use frame profiles that are either our own design, or classic profiles that have stood the test of time.  As well as having our own range of frame profiles, we also custom make profiles to our customers’ specifications.

All of our frames are finished by hand, from scratch.  This means that there is no limit to the finishes we are able to achieve.  Our finishes range from a simple waxed frame to show the grain of the wood, to a high-sheen lacquered finish, and everything in between.

We have divided the website into two main sections; Frames and Mirrors.  Browse the sections to get a better sense of what is possible and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do get in touch as there is very little we aren’t able to achieve.

You will also be able to use the website to view finished examples of our work.


Have you ever counted the number of mirrors in your house?  To most it’s a surprise how many you’ll have.  A lot of them will be quite simple, but for those important places there is enormous potential for something special.

Framed Mirror Catalogue

A collection of Framed Mirrors, either to buy as they are, or to use as a source of inspiration.

Mirror Glass

Plain or antique and different treatment of the edges.

Framed Mirror Examples

Examples of mirrors we have framed.

Picture & Mirror Frame Profiles

All of our Frame Profiles can be used to frame pictures and mirrors.