Over mantle with decorative top

Overmantle Mirror

Size: 1500mm W x 1100mm H Mirror: Low-iron plain OTS Price: £1,700.00 + VAT The image for this mirror is not the one available to buy (the size and proportions are slightly different) but the design and finish is the same. The CAD drawing of the actual...

Metal Framed Mirror

Metal Framed Mirror

Available in two sizes: Frame detail: 5mm wide polished aluminium on frame face and brushed aluminium on the sides Size: 805mm W x 1205mm H Mirror: Low-iron with 20mm bevel OTS Price: £451.00 + VAT Size: 700mm W x 1160mm H Mirror: Low-iron with 20mm bevel OTS Price: £426.00...

Stonegate Mirror - Contemporary Mirrors


Size: 630mm W x 1100mm H Mirror: Low iron with polished edges OTS Price: £125.00 + VAT Unfortunately this mirror has some irreparable damage. Please contact us for damage photos if you are interested in purchasing it. Price excludes delivery.   [eltd_button size="medium" type="" text="Enquire Now" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon=""...