Mirror Types

Mirror Options

When it comes to framing mirrors, it’s not just the frame you have to think about; the mirror glass finish and edges also need to be taken into consideration. Below you can read more about the different options available, or simply get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through the choices.

Clear Mirror Glass
Clear Float Mirror Glass

Clear Float Glass is the most cost effective and commonly used mirror glass.

Low Iron Mirror Glass

Low-iron mirror glass (or optiwhite) has had the majority of the iron removed during production, thus creating a much cleaner reflection. This has become our default mirror glass and we would always recommend it on mirrors with a bevel or when the edges will be exposed once framed.

Grey Tinted Mirror Glass
Bronze Tinted Mirror Glass
Mirror Edges

Choosing the edges of your mirror will depend on the look you’re trying to achieve. Here you can see examples of bevelled, polished and distressed mirror edges.


Most mirrors, whether plain or antique, can be supplied with a bevel. Bevels normally range between 6mm and 35mm wide, the angle being more pronounced the thicker the glass.

Polished Edges

Where the edges of the glass can be seen, but a bevel is not required, polishing gives the glass a clean sharp finish.

Distressed Antique

Distressed Antique edges look fantastic on panelled mirrors, creating definition where panels meet. They can be anything from lightly to heavily distressed.

Antique Mirror Glass

All of our Antique Mirror Glass finishes are done by hand and no two sheets  are the same.  Furthermore, the patterns and appearance of the finishes are random and non-repeated, giving the antiquing a much more natural look.

Click on the the thumbnails below to see larger images of the different antique styles. If you need a sample of any of the finishes, don’t hesitate to get in touch.