Framing Options

Framing Options

As well as the frame profile and finish of your frame, the style in which you decide to have it framed can also completely transform the final look.

Below you can see the most popular styles of framing, but if you need any help or advice we’re here to help work out what will help bring your artwork to life.

Close Framed Birds

Close Framed, or Full Bleed, is when the artwork is framed to the edge of the paper without the addition of a mount. The edges of the artwork sit behind the frames’ rebate.

Floated and Mounted watercolour sketch

A mount adds an extra dimension to framed artwork, as well as being a good way to increase the overall dimensions of a framed piece. You can read more about mounts here:  Mounts

Floated Artwork in White Box Frame

Artwork can be floated, so it literally appears to be floating. The edges of the artwork will be visible so need to be interesting or tidy for the effect to look good.

Falling Books in Polished black box frame

Put simply, a box frame is where we use spacers to create space between the artwork and the glass. Box frames can vary in depth and can be used when close framing, mounting and floating artwork.

Tray Frame and Canvas Example

Tray frames are most commonly used to frame canvases which, generally, do not require glazing. The artwork sits in the frame from the front and the frame has no rebate.

Glass and Perspex

The final decision for a piece of framed art is the type of glazing required.

The majority of glazing is done with standard float glass, but we also work with specialist glass, high performance glass, which provide different levels of clarity and UV protection, depending on your needs.

If you are not sure what glass you require, we can advise accordingly.